Virtual Administration Reception Services with Clinic to Cloud Software

Hoxton VARS provides the essential administration infrastructure for specialist doctors, delivering personalised off-site secretarial services.

Our Australian-based highly trained and efficient staff work for you and your patients to provide a full time telephone and administration support…without the cost or hassle of employment.

As recommended Clinic to Cloud Advisors we, help optimise your practice and provide a team well trained in its function.

Hoxton’s VARS is the market leading outsourced solution for doctors looking to optimise their administration without the hassle of employing staff.

Clinic To Cloud

Virtual Administration Reception Services

This service will provide phone reception services:

  • An experienced medical receptionist answering all your calls during normal business hours (Mon to Fri)
  • Appointment bookings made directly into Clinic to Cloud, including any rescheduling and fine-tuning of sessions as required
  • Delivery of personal messages to you via email, text or phone call
  • Return calls to patients on your behalf
  • After hours message recording service and follow up

And administration services:

  • Management of incoming & outgoing correspondence
  • Setting and following-up appointment confirmation reminders via SMS and registration of new patients
  • Co-ordinate patient related tasks, messages and emails, including liaising with patients about plans and results
  • Follow-up of outstanding documents such as referrals and results

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