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How to work with a Remote Practice Manager

Remote Practice Manager….. How does this work?

The typical Medical Practice Manager spends a majority of their time caught up in the day-to-day running of the practice. They frequently become deeply involved and reactive to problems that can often be solved at a lower level of authority. Any Practice Manager will admit that these problems never end and many don’t get to leave work on time. Stress and burn-out are common. Downstream this leads to anxiety and a back ground concern for practice owners that a resignation could come at any time.

Hoxton has improved the old model of Practice Management by providing off-site, remote expertise to support and maintain management functions for medical practices while day to day operational activities are handled by capable, on-site staff.

Hoxton remote practice management is a very cost-effective solution for many practices. Here is why:

  • Hoxton MPM runs 52 weeks of the year, without annual leave or personal leave. There is no need to worry about someone going on holidays or leaving the practice.
  • Hoxton MPM has existing, proven capabilities as well as a pool of resources and keeps up to date with all aspects of Practice Management.
  • Hoxton MPM comes with broad experience on how to run a practice across different models, specialties and sizes.
  • Hoxton MPM provides someone to expertly oversee: the business functions; financial performance; strategic growth; the overarching strategy; and help practice owners know more about their business.
  • Finally, practice owners control how much time is spent on Practice Management.


Remote practice management not only delivers capability but also predictability. Regular smart reports covering finances, HR, business activity, compliance and any other major projects are produced to ensure that practice owners keep a finger on the pulse of the practices.

Remote doesn’t mean distant. Hoxton MPM stays in contact with owners through monthly catch-ups and fortnightly meetings with the on-site team to ensure the staff are happy, the work is done effectively, and compliance is followed.

Some of the benefits of outsourced Practice Management are:

  • More clarity in the task allocation so nothing is left aside and double handling is avoided;
  • The team is more engaged and more empowered (no micromanagement);
  • The Practice Manager is only doing Practice Management tasks. You are not paying top dollar for someone to staff leave and lunch breaks;
  • Great efficiencies are developed. Everyone knows their role;
  • Confidence that your practice is in the right hands. Practice Management is a multifaceted role that involves HR, finance, strategic planning, reporting and so much more. This combination is very difficult to find in the one person who will be willing to run a practice;
  • Experience is invaluable. Hoxton MPM brings a wealth of experience to a practice, helping develop efficiencies, clarity, engagement and harmony;
  • Owners gain more business insights and knowledge allowing more informed strategic decisions;
  • Everything is taken care of. Whether a task is handled by Hoxton MPM of your on-site team, the task allocation will be clear so as not to miss anything that could be detrimental to your practice.

Roles and Duties

Hoxton launches the remote Practice Management journey by clearly establishing responsibilities at the beginning. Clear role-distribution is the key to successful Practice Management and Hoxton will facilitate this with an understanding of the on-site teams’ existing competency and motivation.

What is the scope of work?

The scope of responsibilities for the remote Hoxton Practice Manager is defined by the practice owner at the time of engagement and is regularly reviewed.

One typical model is that payroll, rostering, Medicare batching, doctors’ payments, recruitment and financial reporting is performed off-site, while day to day activities are entirely managed in-house. In this model relationships with the IT provider and accountant, for example, would be handled through the off-site Hoxton Practice Manager.

Human Resources is almost always part of the outsourced Practice Management, and would often begin with a review of compliance, documentation and capabilities, with the goal to recruitment, establish or maintain a harmonious team. While some more attention can be required at the start, there is always a level of maintenance required to keep a team optimised and engaged.

Project-based work can also be included in the scope of works using Hoxton’s broad capabilities to review and implement new work efficiencies, optimise budgets and update use of technology.

Expertise gives Confidence

Nothing is left aside…. Hoxton Practice Managers give owners reassurance that everything will be considered and options for improvement and change will be presented before a final decision to proceed is made. In this way time and capital investment can be prioritised in a strategic manner and owners are central to the process.

But it’s Remote

One of the main things that COVID-19 has taught even the most sceptical is that remote work does work and that it can improve efficiencies by keeping interactions more targeted and less random!

Remote and integrated work in this way has helped many workplaces implement new ways of working and interacting. While it appears to be the ‘new normal’ Hoxton remote Practice Managers have been working this way for seven years. We know the tricks about how to effectively engage remotely – something that has been simplified now that everyone is familiar with Zoom and MS Teams! And the upside is a complete removal of travel time and pressure on desk space. With remote Practice Management the modern world allows for practices to benefit from these costs saving and Hoxton provides expertise at the fingertips of practice owners.

Remote but not unseen

While Hoxton Practice Management is operated remotely, we do endeavour to visit our clients at least once, but preferably twice per year.

With remote practice management practice owners can buy themselves peace of mind, less worry about their practice manager resigning and reducing the single points of failure that might cripple their business.  The most valuable part of engaging Hoxton outsourced Practice Management is the knowledge that everything is under control, and designed with practice owners’ interests in mind.


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