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Answering your frequently asked questions about outsourced private practice management services

Phone Calls & Patient Appointments

Imagine a Medical Receptionist who is neither directly employed by nor physically located in the practice where they work. They perform almost all the duties of a regular receptionist, like answering the practice phone, booking patient appointments and receiving and relaying electronic correspondence.

However, managing activities like their recruitment, rosters, pay, leave and resolving disputes is no longer the practice’s responsibility. Not only does this save the practice time but a Virtual Medical Receptionist often works out to be less expensive on an hour by hour basis than employing a team of receptionists yourself. What’s more, the practice no longer needs to organise work space and infrastructure for a number of receptionists, meaning reduced overhead costs while still giving your practice a professional image.

Each Hoxton Virtual Administration and Reception Service (VARS) team consists of five experienced medical receptionists to ensure all your patient calls are answered promptly. Our teams are competitively priced, flexible and can be rapidly incorporated into most practice structures. Here are just some situations where a Hoxton VARS team should be considered:

  • If you’re seeking support for your existing reception team
  • If you’re opening or moving to a new site and want to avoid the task of recruiting a new reception team
  • If you’re restructuring your front-office to reduce overheads.

Our teams are familiar with a broad range of clinical application systems including Genie, Gentu, Clinic to Cloud, Zedmed, Medical Director and Best Practice, and they provide coverage during regular business hours (9am to 5pm) Monday to Friday.

We are a fully Australian-based organisation and our VARS teams are located across Melbourne.

Not at all. Hoxton MPM offers complete medical secretarial services including:

  • Phone answering (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday excluding VIC public holidays)
  • Call overflow management (general practice only)
  • Appointment bookings, rescheduling and confirmation reminders
  • Delivery of personal messages relayed via email, text or phone
  • After-hours message recording service and follow-up
  • Electronic correspondence management
  • Follow-up referrals and results (specialists only)
  • Theatre list management (specialists only)

We also offer a range of other non-secretarial services such as:

Your personal Hoxton Project Manager starts setting up your service as soon as your signed Service Agreement is received. They gather all your key details including practice processes and procedures, and give them to your new Hoxton Virtual Administration and Reception Service (VARS) team. The VARS Team Leader then contacts you to introduce you to your new team and to ensure a seamless integration with your existing staff if applicable.

At the same time, your Hoxton Project Manager sets up all the necessary infrastructure for the VARS team to service your practice including phone lines, emails and your existing or selected clinical application system*.

The whole process takes on average one week to complete although in rare circumstances, implementation can take up to three weeks. Your Project Manager gives you access to a platform to track overall progress and is contactable throughout the process.

* Please note that ongoing phone line and clinical application system fees may apply.

Absolutely. We provide Virtual Reception and Call Overflow Services tailored to meet your incoming call requirements

Absolutely. We offer short-term Virtual Administration and Reception Services to suit your needs.

Check out our Virtual Administration and Reception Services page for more details. Or, if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call on 1300 HOXTON or (03) 8060 4277.

General Enquiries

We offer a range of virtual medical services including Virtual Reception, Transcription, Medical Billing, Back Office Administration as well as Full Practice Management services. You can use just one service, a combination, or take advantage of our complete package – it’s completely flexible. The costs for these services will vary depending on how busy you are, so that you’re not paying for any more than you need.

You’re welcome to call us or submit an online enquiry telling us about your needs and we will provide a customised quote for you.

Of course. We know your needs will change as you establish and grow your private practice. We’re flexible and will work with you to make sure you have exactly the right support, adapting services to meet your needs at any time.

Practice Start-Up

Our service is fully customisable, targeting only the activities you want us to complete from the list outlined on our Practice Start-Up page . The activities we perform are categorised under the following 5 broad topics:

  1. Business Infrastructure
  2. Financial Management
  3. Software & Technology
  4. Medicare & Billing
  5. Communications

See our Practice Start-Up Service page for more details or call us now to chat about your plans on 1300 HOXTON or (03) 8060 4277.

Practice Management Advisory Services

Improving business processes, reducing costs and improving efficiency are central to our business. Our experienced Practice Managers and Management Advisors work closely with your administration focusing on enhancing your business.

To guarantee an effective outcome, we can tailor our management services to provide exactly what is needed and plan for an appropriate time frame or service. In many cases this would start with a Gap or Needs Analysis providing you with a structured report outlining areas for improvement and pathways to consider. Where change management or recalibration of staff and processes is needed, our team can work closely with you and your administration team over a 3 to 12 month period.

Our experienced Practice Management Advisors provide specialised and focused advice that builds capabilities and resilient processes so you can be sure you’re getting the best out of your business.

See our Practice Management Advisory Services page for more details or call us now to chat about your plans on 1300 HOXTON or (03) 8060 4277.

Our Practice Management Advisory Services (PMAS) provide management consulting to all sizes of medical practices – from single doctor start-ups to established 30 doctor practices with revenue in excess of $15M.

Using our highly experienced and qualified consultants Hoxton PMAS provides business management, HR consultancy, project and strategy management. We are able to develop deep insights in to the practice business and its operation and work with owners to increase financial performance, reduce risk and improve business resilience.

  • Keep control of your practice
  • Pay-per-use Practice Management from established respected business
  • Turn-key business management capabilities
  • Optimise revenue
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase business resilience
  • Your team enhanced with Strategic Oversight
  • Optimise staff performance
  • Reduce single points of failure
  • Increase compliance
  • Improve IT performance and software utilisation
  • Reduce business risk (including lessening risk of fraud, non-compliance, financial loss)
  • Reduce doctors and practice owners’ anxiety
  • Free up time for doctors to spend more time seeing patients

See our Practice Management Advisory Services page for more details or call us now to chat about your plans on 1300 HOXTON or (03) 8060 4277.

VoiceBox Intelligent Transcription Service

Outsourcing transcription and delivery services frees up time for your in-house administration team so that they can focus on patient care and critical front desk-duties that keep your practice functioning at its best.

Reducing administration burden through efficient outsourced solutions and best in class technology also means increased responsiveness and efficiency, improved accuracy and reduced costs for your practice.

What’s more, if you opt for a pay per use service like Hoxton’s Voicebox Intelligent Transcription, you can use it for all of your transcribing, or just to assist you during busy times, whilst your practice grows or when your in-house staff go on leave.

Voicebox Intelligent Transcription improves your practice by giving you:

  1. Improved workflows that deliver more efficient medical administration
  2. Enhanced practice operations, and,
  3. Reduced costs.

More details for each are outlined below.

  • Improved workflows
    • Voicebox produces all transcribed communication without any involvement from your medical administration staff.
    • Integration with medical practice software means patient and referrer details are automatically loaded in to your dictation work lists.
    • Dictation sound file is delivered together with the transcript to allow for reliable review and editing.
    • Automated delivery to recipients and filing within the medical practice software occurs upon approval.


  • Enhanced Practice Operations
    • Voicebox gives doctors access to a mobile phone and desk top based App providing dictation technology without any special equipment (e.g. Dictaphone).
    • The ‘always available’ service does not rely on internal staff to be available, capable or trained.
    • Practice administration staff do not require typing skills and are not distracted by the transcription needs of the medical staff.
    • The 80,000 electronic addresses in Voicebox and delivery at the time of approval maximises the efficiency of delivery to recipients and referrers, thereby increasing the responsiveness of your practice – a key metric that referrers consider when making referrals.
    • Our compliant and secure system you gives confidence in data security.
    • Full time technical support provides back-up for when help is needed.


  • Reduced Costs
    • Voicebox provides a highly efficient platform for recording, formatting and electronically delivering messages.
    • By removing all in-house administration handling, the cost can be reduced by between $2 and $5 per letter.

Hoxton MPM’s Voicebox Intelligent Transcription is most powerful due to our team of Australian-based proof readers who review and correct all transcribed letters ready for your final approval prior to delivery.

You don’t need to be technical to register, set up and start using VoiceBox.

If needed, the VoiceBox technical support team will upload the middleware required for integration with your medical practice software and can help with anything else you may need.

Secure messaging in healthcare refers to electronic messaging services that are developed to national standards to enable communication between providers. Some of these services include Argus, HealthLink and ReferralNet.

These services automatically deliver correspondence into compatible clinical software thereby removing any administration steps in receiving a letter. They all operate seamlessly in the background, managing the complexities of encryption and decryption.

Many doctors and practices sign-up with these services when they start using medical practice software. In some cases, because they work in the background, practices may even forget that they are registered users.

Voicebox Intelligent Transcription integrates with Argus, HealthLink and ReferralNet, providing access to over 80,000 healthcare providers in Australia. This integration provides a secure delivery process for all subscribers.

Voicebox users who subscribe to one of these secure messaging services have the added benefit of automatic filing of their correspondence in the patient file of their own practice software.

Voicebox’s clever automated process removes every single administration touch point of medical correspondence (transcription, delivery and filing) saving staff time, reducing payroll and creating a highly resilient and secure practice and process. 

VoiceBox Intelligent Transcription (VBIT) integrates with ReferralNet, Argus and HealthLink secure messaging services.

It is also fully integrated with the appointment books in Best Practice and BP.VIP.

We are currently (as at December 2020) completing integration with Genie and Gentu and are working with a number of other practice management software providers to allow their users access to the highest level VBIT experience.

Even without address book integration VBIT provides a highly efficient process as a dictated name and date of birth is all that is required to identify a patient. 

VoiceBox Intelligent Transcription uses industry-standard security protocols for transmission and storage of medical data. Voicebox only uses data centres within Australia that comply with Australian government regulations for health information.

All you need to do is register online and download the App from iTunes or Google Play.

The swift registration process requests the necessary details to get started such as your practice address, email and payment details. When you complete the registration process you activate your mobile app and are assigned a unique URL (web address) which is [yourname].voiceboxit.com.au
You can then use your URL to log into Voicebox via a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) on any laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

As soon as you’re registered, you can start dictating your first letter.

Rest assured, if you do require assistance, you are also able to schedule a phone call with our Voicebox on-boarding team to complete the process and run through a practice transcription check list.

VoiceBox Intelligent Transcription (VBIT) is a platform solution that can be operated by your own typist or medical secretary or by using VBIT Proof Readers.

If you wish to use your in-house staff as your ‘own’ proof readers, they will have access to the AI voice-to-text engine in a secure platform within VBIT. Your own staff will then be able to proof-read uploaded transcripts and format them ready for delivery. This will provide the same, efficient workflows inside VBIT, as well as access to over 80,000 electronic addresses.

Your secretary will be able to upload your personal list of doctors to ensure that all of your regular referrers are included in your VBIT address book.

By using VBIT, your secretary will substantially reduce the amount of time it takes to type a letter, file a letter and send a letter. What is also great is that when your secretary is on leave all letters can be looked after by the VBIT Proof Reading team for the duration of the leave.

VoiceBox Intelligent Transcription agreed service levels include an average 36 hour turnaround time with 50% of standard letters returned within 48 hours.

We aim to turn around 95% of urgent files within 4 hours.

For practices using their ‘own proof readers’ (rather than the Voicebox Proof Reading team) the voice-to-text transcript is available within 30 minutes of submission.

VoiceBox Intelligent Transcription (VBIT) sets fees according to the duration of the dictation audio file.

This is simply: Number of Seconds in Dictation Recording x Price per Second.

There are two price points.

1. For using the Voicebox Proof Reading Team, and

2. For using your Own Proof Readers.

VBIT Proof Reader:

The first 30 seconds of the audio file is included in the $2.00 flagfall. Then there is a fee of 4.4c per audio-second past the first 30 seconds. Each external delivery will be charged at 15c (including secure messaging, fax, email).

Your Own Proof Reader:

The first 30 seconds of the audio file is included in the $0.45 flagfall. Then there is a fee of 1c per audio-second past the first 30 seconds. Each external delivery will be charged at 15c (including secure messaging, fax, email).

All payments are processed via Stripe using the Credit Card provided.

VoiceBox Intelligent Transcription agreed service levels include an average 36 hour turnaround time with 50% of standard letters returned within 48 hours.

We aim to turn around 95% of urgent files within 4 hours.

For practices using their ‘own proof readers’ (rather than the Voicebox Proof Reading team) the voice-to-text transcript is available within 30 minutes of submission.

We keep your practice running smoothly, so you can focus on your most important work.