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Looking For A Medical Receptionist?

Consider using a Virtual Medical Receptionist. Our receptionists are well trained, reliable and professional.

Outsource your office administration burden to Hoxton MPM so you can focus on your most important work.

Virtual Administration & Reception Service (VARS)

  • All two-way correspondence, paperwork & filing sorted
  • Prompt & professional communication with patients & referring doctors 
  • Business hours phone & email monitoring
  • After-hours message service & follow up

Call Overflow Virtual Reception (COVR)

  • All inbound calls received, or a supplement to your front-desk team
  • Scale incrementally as your practice grows 
  • Cover holiday & sick leave

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Streamlined, cost-effective virtual office. Up and running in only 10 days.

We talk

We talk

Call (03) 8060 4277 for a free consultation. We’ll clarify your needs and define a suitable, affordable solution that works.
We get set up

We get set up

We personalise our service and integrate with your existing systems, software and processes to become a seamless part of your practice.

We test

We test

We test and refine to ensure processes and correspondence are tailored to your requirements. We make any final tweaks so we’re good to go.

We go live

We go live

Hoxton MPM’s expert team delivers prompt, professional support that you and your patients can rely on. You can relax, relieved of your administrative burden. 

What if there was a less stressful way to run a medical practice?

The business side of a medical practice can be a real headache. Managing compliance,  financials, staffing, IT, and billing requires specialist skills and time – it’s a big commitment.

With Hoxton MPM you get our in-depth knowledge, local medical expertise and streamlined systems to enhance workflow and team collaboration, bringing you more efficient patient care and stress-free peace of mind.

  • Off-site, Australian-based medical admin and reception office
  • Affordable, flexible and scalable
  • Efficient, reliable, experienced staff 
  • Small team and dedicated Hoxton MPM Manager
  • Guaranteed continuity (cover holiday and sick leave)
  • Personalised and trained to your processes
  • Seamlessly integrates with your software and systems
  • Appointments and patient information directly into your practice software

We’ve helped hundreds of medical specialists just like you

An underperforming multi-doctor specialist practice outsources management and administrative services

How we helped …

Setting up strong foundations for a private medical practice in just two weeks

How we helped …

Call Overflow Virtual Reception (COVR) helps Practice with excessive sick leave

How we helped …


Imagine a Medical Receptionist who is neither directly employed by nor physically located in the practice where they work. They perform almost all the duties of a regular receptionist, like answering the practice phone, booking patient appointments and receiving and relaying electronic correspondence.

However, managing activities like their recruitment, rosters, pay, leave and resolving disputes is no longer the practice’s responsibility. Not only does this save the practice time but a Virtual Medical Receptionist often works out to be less expensive on an hour by hour basis than employing a team of receptionists yourself. What’s more, the practice no longer needs to organise work space and infrastructure for a number of receptionists, meaning reduced overhead costs while still giving your practice a professional image.

Each Hoxton Virtual Administration and Reception Service (VARS) team consists of five experienced medical receptionists to ensure all your patient calls are answered promptly. Our teams are competitively priced, flexible and can be rapidly incorporated into most practice structures. Here are just some situations where a Hoxton VARS team should be considered:

  • If you’re seeking support for your existing reception team
  • If you’re opening or moving to a new site and want to avoid the task of recruiting a new reception team
  • If you’re restructuring your front-office to reduce overheads.

Our teams are familiar with a broad range of clinical application systems including Genie, Gentu, Clinic to Cloud, Zedmed, Medical Director and Best Practice, and they provide coverage during regular business hours (9am to 5pm) Monday to Friday.

We are a fully Australian-based organisation and our VARS teams are located across Melbourne.

Not at all. Hoxton MPM offers complete medical secretarial services including:

  • Phone answering (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday excluding VIC public holidays)
  • Call overflow management (general practice only)
  • Appointment bookings, rescheduling and confirmation reminders
  • Delivery of personal messages relayed via email, text or phone
  • After-hours message recording service and follow-up
  • Electronic correspondence management
  • Follow-up referrals and results (specialists only)
  • Theatre list management (specialists only)

We also offer a range of other non-secretarial services such as:

Your personal Hoxton Project Manager starts setting up your service as soon as your signed Service Agreement is received. They gather all your key details including practice processes and procedures, and give them to your new Hoxton Virtual Administration and Reception Service (VARS) team. The VARS Team Leader then contacts you to introduce you to your new team and to ensure a seamless integration with your existing staff if applicable.

At the same time, your Hoxton Project Manager sets up all the necessary infrastructure for the VARS team to service your practice including phone lines, emails and your existing or selected clinical application system*.

The whole process takes on average one week to complete although in rare circumstances, implementation can take up to three weeks. Your Project Manager gives you access to a platform to track overall progress and is contactable throughout the process.

* Please note that ongoing phone line and clinical application system fees may apply.

Absolutely. We offer short-term Virtual Administration and Reception Services to suit your needs.

Check out our Virtual Administration and Reception Services page for more details. Or, if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call on 1300 HOXTON or (03) 8060 4277.

We offer a range of virtual medical services including Virtual Reception, Transcription, Medical Billing, Back Office Administration as well as Full Practice Management services. You can use just one service, a combination, or take advantage of our complete package – it’s completely flexible. The costs for these services will vary depending on how busy you are, so that you’re not paying for any more than you need.

You’re welcome to call us or submit an online enquiry telling us about your needs and we will provide a customised quote for you.

Of course. We know your needs will change as you establish and grow your private practice. We’re flexible and will work with you to make sure you have exactly the right support, adapting services to meet your needs at any time.

We keep your practice running smoothly, so you can focus on your most important work.


Still wondering if Virtual Administration and Reception are right for you?

If you’d like more detail on how to streamlines your medical practice with virtual administration or reception, and to find out how our clients are using this service to optimise their medical practice, download our helpful eBook:

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