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Meet the Virtual Administration & Reception Team – Part 2

Administrators and receptionists play a pivotal role in a medical practice and no doctor can afford to leave phone calls unanswered or let paperwork slip through the cracks. Yet with growing staff shortages the success of your practice, and your quality of care and professionalism, may be hanging in the balance.

Our Hoxton virtual administration and reception team work tirelessly to smooth the way to a better running practice and a better patient experience for hundreds of doctors all over Australia. They’re the backbone of our offering and with that in mind, we thought you might like to meet some of the team.

Bliss Love – Hoxton Assistant Manager

Bliss has been with Hoxton for three years, starting as a virtual receptionist and growing into the position of assistant manager. Bliss is the link between the practice manager and virtual receptionists – the meat in the sandwich so to speak. She plays a critical role in helping doctors’ clinics run smoothly by communicating their needs to their supporting admin team.

Bliss Love, Hoxton MPM
Bliss Love – Hoxton Assistant Manager

I’m the ‘Problem Solver’, always thinking of new ways to improve efficiencies so that everything runs like clockwork. My colleagues say that I’m a calming influence, adept at diffusing stressful situations and always leading with compassion.

I want to make sure doctors have a seamless admin and reception service no matter what’s going on for them. I liaise with the VARS team, and patients and hospital staff too when required. For example, if a doctor needs to reschedule patients on multiple days, I make sure their team can efficiently manage the unexpected workload and still meet their contracted KPIs. In short, I make sure the doctors and their support team are all happy.

Aside from my full name (yes, it’s real!), I find doctors are most amazed to discover how we can handle the majority of their receipting and claiming through Medicare straight from their medical software.

Hoxton is great at supporting us in our professional development, and one thing I’ve enjoyed learning is how to get the best out of different types of people. For example, how to tweak training to suit introverts and extroverts.

Be yourself and others will follow.

I lead by example and will give anything a go with a hard work mentality and a can-do attitude. Having moved from receptionist to management, my team find me approachable which is the foundation of good relationships with colleagues and clients too.

Working at Hoxton is fast paced and every day is different. It gives me opportunities to grow both personally and professionally and the culture reminds me of a big family. Higher management are just a phone call away and always receptive. And though we work in small teams, we’re always in contact with other teams and have fun whilst still being professional.

I enjoy working out new ways to improve efficiencies and make it easier reception staff to help doctors run their clinics as smoothly as possible.

Maddie Sharples – Virtual Receptionist

Maddie joined the Hoxton team almost two years ago as a virtual receptionist and supports doctors with calls and administrative work. Warmhearted, thoughtful and ambitious, Maddie sees her role as one that makes a crucial difference – helping patients in discomfort find the treatment they need.

Maddie Sharples – Virtual Receptionist
Maddie Sharples – Virtual Receptionist

I’m the ‘point of contact’ between doctors and patients. Because I support the same doctors, I get to know them and their patients, providing them both with continuity.

Doctors often struggle with patients not turning up for their appointments. No shows are not only frustrating, but they put the doctor out of pocket too. Plus someone else could have had that appointment who may have needed it urgently. So we do everything we can to make sure patients show up with confirmation calls, letters and SMS reminders. This way we can minimise the problem of no shows for our doctors and maximise opportunities for other patients to get the care they need.

Doctors (and patients) always appreciate it when I go the extra mile for them. I may jump through a few more hoops than I have to, according to my job criteria, to provide the support they need.

There’s always things to learn, and my job is busy and demanding. But I pick things up quickly, there’s plenty of training and because of the culture here at Hoxton, there’s always support when you need it.

During a very busy period a colleague once told me not to stress the small things. Good advice to live by.

I hold close the values of respect, integrity and compassion. These are values Hoxton shares too.

A big part of work and whether you enjoy it is the people around you. The people at Hoxton are inclusive and supportive. We have fun, help each other out and I’ve made friends here I know I’ll have for a lifetime. Having managers who value you is also hugely important. It was clear from day one that the managers care and it feels great to be appreciated.

I love helping patients get the care they need. For example, patients who call for our pain specialists can be in excruciating pain and I love being able to get them in quickly and access the treatment they need.

Our experts. Your team

Bliss and Maddie are valuable members of our Hoxton team and will add value to your team too. If you’re struggling with the administrative burden of your medical practice, harnessing their enthusiasm and professional skills will free up time for you and any existing staff, and ensure your patients are always in safe hands.

Download our eBook, or phone us on (03) 8060 4277 and speak with one of our helpful consultants. Our VARs service is flexible and scalable so you get expert support when and where you need it and you’ll be delighted to discover just how easy it is for our team to slot right in and quickly improve efficiencies for you and your patients.


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