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Meet the Virtual Administration & Reception Team – Part 1

A great medical receptionist can make all the difference to the smooth running of your practice. Aside from administrative support, they provide an essential interface between your patient and your practice. And, as the first point of contact, they’re largely responsible for how your practice is perceived.

At Hoxton, our virtual administration and receptionist teams support hundreds of doctors all over Australia. Not to mention helping hundreds of thousands of patients to access the care they need. With that in mind, we thought it was high time you meet some of our team.

Meet Jess Hall – Virtual Administration Reception Services (VARS) Department Manager

Jess provides guidance, support and management of the teams who deliver our VARS service. Starting at Hoxton four years ago as a virtual medical receptionist, she rose through the ranks to assistant manager, then manager and is now the department manager of the whole VARS team. Described by her peers as compassionate, methodical and honest, Jess believes her work matters because good healthcare is so important.

Jess Hall, Hoxton MPM
Jess Hall – Virtual Administration Reception Services (VARS) Department Manager

It would be ‘Process Queen’. Given the scale of work we do, it’s really important that we’re efficient and cost effective. One way we do that is to make sure we have consistent, standardised processes. We know how much we have to manage each day, and it’s all refined and categorised in terms of KPIs. We know what works and apply the same or similar processes and workflows to each client so that we can efficiently service multiple doctors at the same time.

Staffing is one of the biggest problems practice owners face and they often come to us with difficulties recruiting good staff. We see many doctors trying to be practice managers and that takes them away from seeing patients and managing their own needs. We take the problem of staff recruitment, contracts, training, rostering, sick leave and annual leave off their hands so they never have to worry about lack of qualified staff. 

One of the things our doctors get most excited about is how we’re able to integrate seamlessly with their existing staff – or replace the need for onsite staff completely.

For growing practices that can’t facilitate additional onsite reception staff, we relieve their call load so they can better focus on patient interaction at the front desk. If they’re a startup or they’ve had difficulty with staff leaving, we’re able to meet all their reception needs remotely which is a huge relief.

Doctors also get excited that we can do their billings with electronic banking – no eftpos machine required! In some cases, we send invoices out via SMS and integrate this with ApplePay. Patients can pay their invoice at the touch of a button. I enjoy explaining this to doctors because for many, it’s a relatively new idea and it makes billing so easy for them.

When we first started offering Call Overflow we encountered some push back. Our Call Overflow service helps doctors meet their call volume when they don’t have the infrastructure to facilitate more staff. Understandably, onsite staff were a bit daunted by the thought of outsourced help.

This didn’t happen often, and rarely does now since outsourcing and remote working are much more common. But we always like to get onsite staff involved and discuss how we can help them focus on the needs of the practice and patients. We explain that our role is to answer a very specific amount and type of call. We draw a clear line in the sand. It’s all about communication and reassurance that our job is about supporting them in theirs – not taking it away.

No-one likes making mistakes but we’re human. It happens. Owning your mistakes can feel uncomfortable but it’s better to maintain trust and respect by being honest – and it’s how we learn. Whenever I’m training staff, I share my mistakes saying ‘I’ve done it. Now learn from it. And if you make one, we’ll learn from that too.’

I’m a big believer in treating others as you’d like to be treated. I lead by example and never ask someone to do something I’m not willing to do myself. As a department head and manager, I always put myself out there first and give it a go. I believe this is how to lead so others follow.

This is an easy one – the culture. Everyone is supportive and compassionate and it’s a big part of who we are and what we do. The virtual reception team work together in the office and keep in touch with other teams like bookkeeping, many of whom are rural and work from home. Everyone feels included and we have a big staff meet up twice a year. The culture is definitely what makes Hoxton so special.

Having worked at Hoxton and experienced such variety, I’d now struggle to sit in a single disciplinary role. Here we learn so many new things – specialties, processes and software for example. The opportunities to learn at Hoxton are endless. It’s very hard to get bored here.

Meet Ashley Lill – Hoxton Manager

Ashley is one of our Hoxton managers looking after 15 doctors and a team of virtual receptionists. She came to Hoxton with a strong medical and customer service background, starting with the company in 2017 as a medical receptionist and has developed an in-depth knowledge of the company from the ground up.

Ashley believes her work matters because she gives doctors the freedom to be doctors – not back up practice managers, staff managers or administrators. With Hoxton’s help, doctors can get back to treating their patients, then go home and relax.

Ashley Lill, Hoxton MPM
Ashley Lill – Hoxton Manager

I do a lot of things but one area of expertise is technology, which means I’m the ‘Go-To Tech Person’. Though of course we have IT people, I’ve learned so much about technology at Hoxton that I’m generally the one people come to first.

We see a lot of clients who don’t have optimised processes. Their team might have built what was needed at the time without considering the big picture and future growth, and this often stunts them. We know how to maximise efficiencies with robust processes which we introduce to practice owners and they’re very appreciative. Strong processes are the cornerstone of strong practices.

Overall, I think doctors are most surprised by how well we work within their practice. Some are hesitant at first, but they’re amazed at how we slot right in and provide what they need seamlessly, whether it’s just taking calls or taking on all their administrative tasks.

I don’t like confrontation, but it sometimes happens in life and at work. I deal with clients, patients, staff and management daily and have learnt to be confident, diplomatic and adaptable in challenging situations.

If you need help, ask for it. I tell my team that if they’re struggling, the person next to them might have the answer in a split-second. Ask for support when you need it. You’ll save precious time.

I like to think differently and outside the box. I don’t take a cookie cutter approach. I think in terms of the big picture, not just the task in front of me.

A lot has changed since I started with Hoxton but the culture has always been positive and supportive. It’s about everyone helping everyone, no matter if it’s related to their department or not. No-one is untouchable. Everyone is open to assist. It’s like a big family, which I love.

Every day is different. No two days that are the same. We have such a variety of work and doctors we work with. I say this job has ruined me for future jobs!

Our experts. Your team

Staff are the most important aspect of any business and we hope you’ve enjoyed hearing from some of ours. Jess and Ashley are ready and waiting to help if your current staff set up isn’t supporting your practice effectively and you need more hands on deck (without the headaches that come with new recruits).

Download our eBook, or phone us on (03) 8060 4277 and speak with one of our helpful consultants. Our VARs service is flexible and scalable so you get expert support when and where you need it and you’ll be delighted to discover just how easy it is for our team to slot right in and quickly improve efficiencies for you and your patients.


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