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How to prepare your medical practice for The Great Resignation

Are you finding it hard to find new administrative staff or a manager for your practice? If so, you’re not alone. The market is changing unlike any trends we’ve seen before. And while “The Great Resignation” began as an overseas phenomenon, we may yet see it sweep towards Aussie shores. As a doctor or medical practice manager, you might be welcoming your employees back to the office. But make no mistake – some are planning to leave.

The way we think and feel about work has shifted in the last two years, and the methods used  previously to find staff won’t be as effective in the future. Good quality practice management and positive culture are impacting recruitment more than ever. So how can you prepare for what’s happening in the workforce and avoid the impending exodus? Here are our tips.

Firstly, what is The Great Resignation?

Brought about by the Covid pandemic, the term The Great Resignation was coined by US academic Anthony Klotz when work from home orders lifted and 4.3 million Americans voluntarily quit their jobs. Some were anxious to go back to the office, many didn’t want to   return to the workplace at all. Lockdown had forced them to question their work-life balance, reconsider priorities and pursue other opportunities. In Australia, a recent survey by Employment Hero found that 48% of Aussies are thinking of doing the same.

The Great Resignation has been slow to impact Australia likely due to differences in our policies in response to the pandemic. But the lack of migration, emigration of students and the huge numbers of people who’ve realised the benefits of remote working means the job market is tight. This is particularly tricky for industries like health where there’s an intrinsic need for front-facing staff in many roles. The challenge is real. So how do we navigate it?

Fewer candidates. Different needs.

Currently, there are far fewer candidates available for all jobs being advertised and medical practices are no exception. Practices shouldn’t expect jobs to be filled with quality candidates in the time frames of the past. We know that potential candidates are now looking for different things from their workplaces:

  • Meaningful work – the pandemic has shifted our priorities and people are reassessing what ‘meaningful work’ means to them.
  • Interesting work – boredom and lack of career growth has left staff feeling dissatisfied and the inertia of the pandemic has given us a taste for all things new and exciting.
  • Flexible work – we now know that remote work works. Many have come to enjoy it and aren’t willing to give it up.
  • Engaging places of work – the value of a feel good company culture and employee experience cannot be underestimated. No one wants to go to work and feel underappreciated or uninspired.

So, how can you bring these things to your workplace so you can attract and retain quality staff?

Attract quality staff to your medical practice

Today it’s more essential than ever to have good quality practice management with a clear vision and positive culture. And that’s where it helps to get good advice. Hoxton’s Practice Management Advisory Services provide support for practice managers and administration teams helping them build and support a strong culture in highly performing teams.

With expertise and an independent perspective, we help businesses prioritise their staff by building an end-to-end staff engagement environment. This starts with recruitment and continues with growth and education opportunities, a focus on staff retention and value-led  performance goals. Careful and focused advertising, specific and engaging position descriptions and well-organised interviews are our expertise. We guide practices through “recruitment as a sale” to attract the best candidates.

Build a strong and positive workplace culture

With the current candidate market, every practice should be focused on retaining their best  team members.  This takes effort, planning and sometimes some investment as well. Consider how you can engage with your employees and provide a platform for feedback and monitoring their satisfaction levels. Insights provide guidance and lead to improved workplaces and performance.

How are they enjoying working with their manager or medical staff? Do they see the future possibilities for their role? Can they recommend improvements? Are they stimulated in the environment? All employees deserve the opportunity to improve their skills and develop in their role. Think about how you can provide a sense of purpose to your team, and give them professional development opportunities, and a little extra flexibility where that works for you. These components all form part of a gold standard approach to medical practice HR strategies, and are a standard component of Hoxton’s Practice Management Advisory Service.

Outsource to build a resilient business

Many practices have already discovered the benefits of a hybrid workforce. That is, having onsite staff supported by a virtual administrative team. By outsourcing administration tasks to experts like Hoxton who can take their calls, invoice their patients and manage their finances remotely, they’re building more resilience into their business and mitigating the risk of staff exodus.

Ask the experts to help your practice adapt and prepare

It’s impossible to know exactly what 2022 will bring for our workforce, and whether the current low rates of candidate movement will be replaced with heightened numbers of resignations. But we do know it’s going to be different and that medical practices will have to adapt. Doctor owners and solo practitioners always highlight staffing issues as the most stressful part of operating a medical practice. With The Great Resignation looming it’s never been a better time to ask the experts for help

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