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Lena Wallish

Lena Wallis, Billings and Voice Box Manager

Lena came to Hoxton with a view to growing our substantial capabilities in financial handling and billing submissions. Her success in the role comes from her commitment to produce high rates of return for clients and exceed their expectations – a focus that was honed in her prior work in banking and finance.

Lena leads with a rigorous approach to numbers and attention to detail that is central to the culture of her Billings Team. Hoxton has been able to innovate in this space due to Lena’s many years of healthcare management work and experience with different financial software applications.

As a highly efficient leader, Lena works closely with our clients providing specialised advice on fees and invoicing for surgeons, anaesthetists, surgical assistants, psychiatrists and physicians.

  • Leads a successful team of happy and engaged staff
  • Shows a profound commitment to technology and innovation
  • Takes great pride in her work
  • Is focused on being and delivering the 

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